Fabrication of steel structures and service equipment

  • Design engineering (by sub-contract) of constructions, framework and mechanical equipment of various purposes and complexity. Elaboration of work drawings on the base of the Purchaser’ drawings
  • Fabrication of steel structures of various complexity and pattern
  • Fabrication of auxiliary equipment, incl. flue ducts, heat-exchangers, compensators etc.
  • Fabrication of vessels, reservoirs and tanks for different purposes and various design
  • Painting and zinc-coating of items (sub-contract)

Production site is located in Narva and consists of two Workshops – production facility for manufacture and assembly of carbon steel items and the other one for treatment and assembly of stainless-steel products.

The first facility with overall size of 1400m2 comprises premises intended for fabrication of steel constructions, tanks and auxiliary equipment of carbon steel. It is equipped by  5t lifting capacity cranes, roll lathe for treating up to 30mm thick plates, pipe bending machines for handling of up to 90mm in diameter pipes, band-saw machines, welding and other essential instrumentation. Outdoor area allows to perform loading of ready-made production on standard and non-standard trucks by a crane with a lifting capacity of 30t. On the territory there is also a small shop for mechanical treatment of details by multi-purpose turning, milling lathes and planing machine.

The second facility of the production site includes a 290m2 large blanking shop which is equipped by a flame cutting set and a separate workshop with the area of 210m2 for treating of stainless-steel materials.

Plasma source is outfitted with a utility table 2500mm*12000mm that allows to cut various materials up to 30mm thick, there is foreseen a separate function for cutting stainless-steel materials. Gas cutting set is provided for cutting carbon steel up to 300mm thick. A workshop for handling with stainless-steel materials is outfitted with 3t lifting capacity cranes, roll lathes for handling of plates with thickness of up to 15mm, welding and other essential instrumentation. We have got an experience of furnishing of glazed surfaces